Proof Point Prose

Prove your value, knowledge and experience. Share your commercial insight through white papers, case studies, articles and blogs.
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Proof Point Prose

Proof points demonstrate your value in unique and compelling ways. We back up your claims with papers, case studies, social media messages and more.

Capture interest and attention by proving your value, knowledge and experience. Proof points come in a variety of forms—white papers, case studies, and published articles—all of which substantiate your claims.

This packaged service makes it easy to build your proof point library. Interviews, story structure and compelling content are all part of the service. Even final layout is included if that's what you need.

Shoestring Marketing

From simple writing projects to complex program management, Bold Stroke can deliver the best value for your investment.

For those who need a spectrum of marketing services but have limited budget, we provide 'marketing on a shoestring'. We deliver a combination of strategy and program execution, writing and editorial support, communication audits, strategy development interactive media, web site design and management, video direction/production, market research, program management and many other services to our customers.

Experienced Experts

We know what we are doing and have done it for a long time.

We have delivered strategic plans and content services since 2000. We have 30 years of experience in client-side marketing and management. Whatever your project, we have the resources to assist.


We work within your budget and time constraints, reacting with speed and precision.

Markets change, opportunities present themselves, gaps open. We are prepared to respond quickly and boldly to each situation. Leverage our skills, experience and availability to augment your own.

Small to Mid-Size Businesses

We serve customers in all industries worldwide, with a particular emphasis on small to mid-size businesses.

Large or small, every company must compete for customers. We enjoy the working relationship with small groups that collaborate to creatively go after them. Our experience stretches from small startups to multinational firms, with success always coming from the team effort.